WifiPhisher --- session hijacking


Fisrt, i am not a hacker. but i like to read on internet how to hack people and test it. When you know how to hack it's comming really hard for someone to hack you. For SOMEONE, not an organisation, if you thinks stealing 10 millions box, to late for you, governement already see you before you think about that... if not you are a ninja :=) ).

Wifiphisher is the best one i found to hack(hijack) wifi connection but you will need some little tools to freak your mac address number (serial number of your wifi interface (iface)).
Mac address iface is the hardware address that give to you your ip address, so false mac address, ip or not... your virtual mac address will go in a black hole(crunch) after you used it ;) .

To change your mac address you need to use macchnager, if you are not using kali linux, macchanger is in ubuntu repository but you are better to use kali linux for that tuto as wifiphisher is included in it's repository so don't need to mess with ubuntu dependency or python version and all the bla bla, all we want it's someting easy....

You need as iface hardware someting like that {buy two}(40$ CAN on ebay or amazon or where esle you want, lookup for High Gain USB wifi):

Now that you get you high gain wifi antenna (two --- one used to disconnect your client from their acces point and the other to hijack their session as fake cloned access point that will ask for their password to connect to wifi{can be used on free wifi like tim or bar free wifi and ask facebook credential to get the free wifi}).

First (on kali) install wifiphisher :
apt update
apt install wifiphisher

Now that you have your famous app installed on kali and your 2 usb wifi antenna plugged in make a ifconfig :

ifconfig -a

Lookup for your wifi iface name and remember it.

Then simply write that code and folow asked questions


Or if you have a really big memory and remember your both iface.
wifiphisher -aI iface0 -jI iface1

Don't do nothing illegal, wifiphisher is for me, a good way to hack wifi as i'm not the kind of guy that will go to your home and trying to remember at least 5 of 10 number of your wifi key to hack it after with aircrack-ng.
Don't forget to use macchanger on your disconnecting iface to change the mac address so if your neibourg is in police he will not be able to say it's you....
If your disconnecting iface is wlan0mon do :

ifconfig wlan0mon down
macchanger -r wlan0mon
ifconfig wlan0mon up


Wifiphisher web site
Wifiphisher on GitHub